Bring The Noize

X-Ettl – Sintetic EP

„Sintetic is a squeeky, stripped-down to the max Electro-tune that’s quite experimental but still working great on the floor and could be well fitting to any set that also includes BNR tunes or other hard but not ‚trashy‘ stuff. The originals of Charlotte and Flatline are definetely harder floor-fodder with a melodic touch and won’t fail to devastate your crowd!

The Oddword put their unique ‚romper-stomper fist-pumping‘ treatment on Sintetic, while Attack 1985 take on a bassy and almost hypnotic rework in full effect!

Kroycub (whatch those guys!!) transform Charlotte into a post-apocalyptic rave-banger that would be the perfect soundtrack to slaughtering zombies but it works perfectly too on every tough club night! Flatline gets a german big room treatment by Wazabi and Hanuman Tribe, while the never disappointing Wazabi keeps it almost belgian and techy, Hanuman Tribe give this release a brilliant Electro-House round-up.“


01. X-Ettl – Sintetic

02. X-Ettl – Charlotte

03. X-Ettl – Flatline

04. X-Ettl – Sintetic (The Oddword Remix)

05. X-Ettl – Sintetic (Attack 1985 Error Remix)

06. X-Ettl – Charlotte (Kroyclub Remix)

07. X-Ettl – Flatline (Hanuman Tribe Remix)

08. X-Ettl – Flatline (Wazabi Remix)

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